Traffic signs


  • All of our road signs are fully certified
  • Large signs, small signs (playgrounds)
  • Local information signs, cycle paths
  • Advertising boards, boards for other industries
  • Fast deliveries (sufficient stock)
  • Individual (bespoke) production
  • Traffic sign specifications
  • Design, professional installation


  • Top quality foils - retroreflection
  • Seven-year, ten-year or micro-prismatic films
  • Quality galvanized steel sheet with double bend
  • We supply all accessories
  • We always comply with the applicable regulations
  • Certification


ZNAČKY Morava a.s. manufactures, installs and maintains a complete assortment of road signage. We offer all types of traffic signs in terms of used materials, dimensions, construction and retroreflective materials, always in accordance with the relevant technical standards. The aim of our installations is clarity and visibility - We design signage suitable for its location and type, we place emphasis on specifications of traffic signs and their observance. Visibility is guaranteed by the use of top foils. We supply marking with RA1, RA2 and RA3 retroreflective materials. We use quality seven-year NIKKALITE-EG or 3M - SCOTCHLITE EG foil, 10-year 3M - SCOTCHLITE HI and micro-prismatic films 3M - SCOTCHLITE DG or STIMSONITTE foils. We offer standard traffic signs made of high-quality galvanized steel sheet with double bending and aluminum signs in frame. We produce our own traffic signs under close supervision. We install traffic signs on motorways and dual-carriageways located on lattice structures, semi-portals and portals. We produce signs to the highest quality guaranteeing reliability, quality and durability. Our products have passed a demanding certification. Our employees receive regular training. We exclusively use a professional system of components guaranteeing long durability and safe operation for the assembly of traffic and information signs, billboards or banners. The load-bearing construction of the signs - pillars, easily deformable lattice structures, feet and fasteners used for installation - meet the most demanding quality requirements. However, we are flexible and able to adapt to the non standard requirements of our customers. Of course, we work fast. Production, assembly or installation starts immediately after we receive customer's order. We have adequate stockpiles and an ongoing system of subcontracting and performance which enables us to promptly address customer needs. Our services include a comprehensive set of resources for the proper installation of traffic signs. We will design, supply project documentation and, where necessary, obtain appropriate permits from the relevant local authorities. We provide rental, installation and service of temporary traffic signs. We also supply accessories for partners who install temporary traffic signs - pedestals, plastic Z4, cones, warning lights, traffic lights.



Aluminum foot


  • Cast aluminum die for anchoring a 60 or 70 mm diameter column with three anchor bolts. The shape of a truncated cone with a base of Ø 195 mm and a conical opening for insertion of a column of Ø 60mm and 70mm.
  • Cast aluminum alloy die for anchoring a 60 mm diameter column with four anchor bolts.



Galvanized steel pipe with min. zinc layer thickness of 45 μm, a diameter of 60mm or 70mm, a wall thickness of 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm.



Aluminum clamps used to attach traffic signs to the "C" rail, or to 60mm or 70mm diameter posts. Depending on the size of the traffic sign or the nature of its location, we use one-piece, composite or double-sided clamps. Should the traffic signs need to be located on lamp posts or other load bearing structures we then use special brackets or any other suitable fastenings. We supply the clamps with the necessary bolts.

Lattice beam


Lattice structures - galvanized steel tube, zinc chromate layer thickness - min 45 μm.

  • A = lattice width = 500mm
    Stump racks: steel pipes Ø 60mm. Wall thickness 2 mm
    Straight trusses: Steel tubes Ø 30mm. Wall thickness 2 mm
  • B = truss construction width = 880mm
    Stump racks: steel pipes Ø 60mm. Wall thickness 2 mm
    Straight trusses: steel tubes Ø 35mm. Wall thickness 2 mm

Bandimex tape


This stainless steel tape supplied by the metre enables anchoring to any large diameters - round, square or multi-angle profiles. This tape can be used to attach traffic and information signs, billboards and banners.